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Decentralize.TV 11/15/23 – Michael Yon investigates decentralized, off-grid communities that reject authoritarian government.
International war correspondent Michael Yon joins Decentralize TV from Belize, where he is investigating Mennonite off grid communities. With vast knowledge of “human osmotic pressure,” Yon is one of the world’s foremost experts on mass migration and refugee operations, where people are fleeing war, famine and tyranny (or bring deliberately directed by globalist orgs to invade western nations). In this episode, he gives us a valuable overview of what’s really happening in the world in terms of groups of human beings fleeing tyranny and seeing freedom and self-determination.
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Wednesday November 15th ~ Edition [Duration 51:41]
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Decentralize TVWelcome to Decentralize.TV, the new show featuring Mike Adams and Todd Pitner, interviewing top experts, pioneers and influencers who promote concepts of “decentralized living,” which means casting off centralized authoritarian control and learning to live sustainably, locally, with peer-to-peer everything: Money, food, education, communications, medicine and more.
Co-Hosted by Todd Pitner
Todd Pitner is 58 years old today because Todd’s birthday is on 10/12/1964. Before moving to Todd’s current city of Tampa, FL, Todd lived in Chesterfield VA. Todd Christopher Pitner and Thomas J Pitner are some of the alias or nicknames that Todd has used. Todd’s ethnicity is Caucasian, whose political affiliation is none; and religious views are listed as Christian.
The show is tech-heavy, exploring many projects that are building and announcing new, decentralized systems for finance, food, publishing, medicine and more. Join the email list on Decentralize.TV to be alerted as each new episode is posted. To begin, there will be two episodes posted each week, and this may increase based on viewer feedback.
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Honest, ethical coverage of crypto, privacy, DeFi and decentralization.
Decentralized.TV has published a Code of Ethics that strongly sets it apart from many other crypto-focused broadcasts. Some of the principles espoused by the new show and its hosts include:
• We never charge guests to be interviewed. (Charging guests is actually a common practice across the crypto space.) We disclose all sponsorships or affiliate relationships during the show.
• All show hosts or co-hosts publicly disclose whether they hold coins being discussed on the show.
• We will publish project ratings / scoring based on objective criteria, as we learn about each project and determine how coins, tokens or projects can be applied in real-world applications.
• Aside from the ratings mentioned above, we do not “pump” coins, nor do we demand that viewers buy particular coins, and we do not push FOMO or speculation in crypto.
• We do not push specific price predictions for any coin, token or project. We discuss trends, strengths and applications. Technical price analysis is not the focus of this show.
• We make every effort to avoid publicizing any project that shows signs of being anything less than honest and viable. However, the DeFi space is a “Wild West” of the modern world, and some projects we cover will no doubt fail at some point, for a variety of reasons outside our control. Our approach is a good faith attempt to help share the news about projects that we believe to be viable and that hold real promise for the future of human freedom.
• Our focus is the application of decentralized technology, discovering and developing new use cases that showcase the strengths and advantages of decentralized projects. We believe that value comes from utility (win/win), not from speculation (win/lose).
• We espouse honesty, ethical principles, moral behavior, transparency and working for the “greater good” of society.
In addition, we strive to ask critical, thoughtful questions of all guests and project leaders, in order to help viewers determine the strengths, weaknesses and viability of each project we’re covering on our show.
If you want to learn how to live a more decentralized life rooted in freedom and liberty, Decentralize TV will be a show worth watching.
An infrastructure for human freedom.
The slogan for the show is, “Building the infrastructure of human freedom,” and one of the core underlying principles of the show is that I believe grassroots innovation can out-pace centralized government ty.ranny.
Put another way, we now have the tools to defend and expand human freedom, even as governments of the world become increasingly tyrannical and oppressive.
Cryptography, in particular, enables the securing of private digital money, private messaging and decentralized structures for grassroots organizing among peaceful people, many of whom are currently suffering under the tyranny of authoritarian regimes that currently push censorship, money confiscation, endless war and dishonest elections.
Democracy is failing around the world, but decentralization efforts can make individuals, regions and entire nations far more resilient and successful, even as centralized control systems continue to fail.
The world’s centralized systems are failing fast.
Gaining knowing about decentralized living is critical for the survival of human freedom for the simple reason that centralized systems are failing fast:
• Centralized banking barely works, with repeated failures, security flags, withdrawal limits and bank failures now evident.
• Centralization of the food supply has led to food scarcity, crop failures, nutritional depletion, soils depletion, supply chain failures and rampant obesity (and cancer, heart disease, etc.) due to unhealthy, processed foods dominating the nutrition landscape.
• Centralized elections are easily rigged or manipulated, meaning the people in power fail to receive the consent of the people.
• Centralized medicine has become a tyrannical, anti-science weapon against humanity that discards evidence and silences evidence-backed conclusions it doesn’t like.
• Centralized education (government schools) have failed miserably, leading to a generation of children “graduating” from school who are illiterate and ignorant of reality.
• Centralized tech platforms banish speech they don’t like while pushing outrageously fraudulent narratives that harm children and make the world less free and more impoverished.
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