The Hagmann Report (Full Show) 8/3

It’s Now “FBI Official:” Most Violent Extremists Are Constitutional Conservative Christians.
Randy Taylor joins Doug Hagmann and comes hot out of the gate with the 2008 MIAC Report. Also, the persecution of Alex Jones WILL impact all of us.
The Show for August 3rd [Duration 1:30:22]
channel image Join Doug Hagmann, host of the Hagmann Report, Weekdays @ 7 PM EST. We are living in one of the most dangerous times in American history. The globalists have waged war against America as a country and her patriotic citizens, creating multiple divides along racial, social, economic and even gender lines. If you are paying attention, you can feel the shift in the general mood of the population. None of us will be able to sit out what is coming. Uncensored, Unfiltered, Unedited, & Commercial Free.
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