DML News Morning Briefing, May 3rd

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By Dean Daniel

Today is May 3. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1. Biden sending 1,500 troops to southern border:

ABC News – The Department of Defense plans to send the additional active-duty troops to support the security mission along the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of an expected surge of migrants.

Denny’s InsightIt’s all a show by the Biden administration. Personally, we should have more than 1,500 at the border for the incoming surge that will sprout from the end of Title 42. And most of these troops have orders to remain passive to crossers. Again, it’s just window dressing by the Biden administration, but no matter how much you dress a window to a burning building, the foundation is still on fire. A massive illegal wave of border crossings is coming…

2. Trump kicks NBC reporter off plane, slams network as ‘fake news’: Fox News – Former President Donald Trump reportedly grabbed an NBC reporter’s phone and demanded he be removed from his plane after he was asked about the criminal probe by Manhattan DA Alvin Brag during an informal press gaggle, according to newly obtained audio.

The heated exchange, which was first reported by Vanity Fair, occurred on March 25 following Trump’s campaign rally in Waco, Texas. The leading 2024 Republican contender was speaking with a group of reporters aboard his plane when NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard suggested that he seemed “frustrated” by Bragg’s investigation. The question seemingly hit a nerve for Trump, who told the reporter not to ask “any more questions.”

“I’m not frustrated by anything,” Trump replied, according to a recording obtained by the Washington Post. “What am I, frustrated? I just did a speech for two hours. I’m not frustrated by it. It’s a fake investigation. We did nothing wrong. I told you that. … It’s the exact opposite. This is fake news, and NBC is one of the worst at it. Don’t ask me any more questions,” he said.

“I heard you’re a nice guy from NBC, but you’re not,” Trump later added.

Nearly a half-hour passed when Hillyard reportedly tried to ask Trump another question about Bragg’s investigation.

“I don’t want to talk to you. You’re not a nice guy,” Trump said.

Denny’s InsightLOL, I love Trump and his no BS attitude. His only mistake was allowing the NBC reporter on the plane in the first place.

3. Novak Djokovic Can Return to the U.S. Open After Government Lifts Vax Requirement:

Breitbart – Tennis icon and champion Novak Djokovic will finally be allowed to return to the U.S. Open this year after missing the 2022 tournament over the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

In an email shared with reporters on Tuesday, U.S. Tennis Association spokesman Chris Widmaier said that Djokovic would be welcome at the 2023 U.S. Open in light of the Biden administration lifting its vaccine mandate for foreign travelers.

“Novak Djokovic is a great champion, a fan favorite, and now that the federal government has lifted its vaccine requirements for international travelers, we look forward to welcoming him back to New York for the 2023 U.S. Open,” said Chris Widmaier.

Denny’s InsightA tennis star in 2023 has concerns over a rushed vaccine and is cautious of what he puts in his body due to health reasons as an athlete? Sorry, no entry into the US. But if you’re an illegal immigrant whose been deported five times and is a murderer, like that illegal immigrant on the run in Texas? Welcome and come on in! … Unreal Djokovic had to wait this long, but kudos to him for sticking by his principles and beliefs in the face of the clown administration, led by numbskull Biden.

4. DeSantis to be sent immigration bill passed by Florida legislature:

Washington Examiner – Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is set to be sent a sweeping immigration bill passed by Florida’s Republican-dominated legislature.

The bill would expand requirements for E-Verify, require hospitals that accept Medicaid to include a citizenship question, and devote $12 million to the governor’s immigrant relocation program, which included efforts such as the shipping of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard last year, NBC Miami reported. DeSantis had previously praised the bill and expressed his willingness to sign it.

“We won’t turn a blind eye to the dangers of Biden’s Border Crisis. We will continue to take steps to protect Floridians from reckless federal open-border policies,” DeSantis said previously.

State Republicans backed up his sentiment, arguing that the bill would send a clear signal to the Biden administration.

Denny’s Insight: DeSantis is setting the lead example on how to tackle the illegal immigration crisis. E-Verify, upping maritime border budgets, cracking down on crimes committed by illegals and migrants, etc. Still no announcement for presidential intentions, but some say we can expect an announcement sometime this month. It’s a shame Florida may lose him as governor.

5. Ilhan Omar: Tucker Carlson ‘Was the King of Hate’:

Breitbart – Representative Ilhan Omar  (D-MN) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was the “king of hate.” Guest host Mehdi Hasan said, “Of course, this Islamophobia, the racism, the bigotry, does not come out of nowhere. There are people who incited and there are people who push it and promoted. I’m thinking of a certain media network who just got rid of their top rated cable host, Tucker Carlson. As I pointed out on my show on Sunday, We don’t know why he was fired. But we do know that he was not fired for the racism that he pushed on his show, week after week. They were fine with that. And in fact, you ended up being one of his targets a lot of the time.”

He asked, “I’ve got to ask you, congresswoman, what was the impact on you, on your family, on your safety, on your security, when Tucker Carlson targeted you in that way in front of millions of viewers?”

Omar said, “Yeah Tucker was the king of hate. And he loved fear mongering and picking on immigrants and Muslims in many cases. This was a man who, obviously, trafficked in replacement theory. He was a man who was named in many of the manifesto’s of mass shooters that specifically targeted Muslims. So, I can’t tell you just how both relieved and terrified I am of where he might end up in the kind of platform that he might have. It is really hard to not make people understand  just how dangerous this man was, and how many lies he risked with his hateful rhetoric on a daily basis.”

Denny’s InsightShe has a lot of nerve considering she’s the queen of antisemitism. Omar harbors hatred for Jewish people, conservatives, and Christian Americans, but she wants to label Tucker a hater simply because he’s pointed out the damaging policies supported by Ilhan and the liberal elite. She’s constantly on a high horse because she’s a ‘squad member,’ but she needs to remember everyone comes down off their high horse eventually… especially when they’re ineffective in their committee positions.

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