DML News Morning Briefing, April 27th

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By Dean Daniels

Today is April 27. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1)  Arguing COVID came from China could land you on Minnesota’s government bias registry according to new bill:

Fox News – Minnesota state Rep. Harry Niska, R., asked during a debate on a new bill whether praise for “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling or arguing that COVID originated in China would qualify as biased speech that would put citizens on a government database.

Minnesota lawmakers are mulling a change to state law, House File 181, that would log alleged bias incidents even when they aren’t considered a crime. The bill, introduced in January, would allow people to report perceived bias-related incidents such as alleged slurs and verbal attacks that would fall outside the hate crimes compiled annually by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, according to the St. Cloud Times.

Republican state Rep. Walter Hudson warned House File 181 could pose a threat to religious freedom.

Denny’s InsightMinnesota is participating in the push to monitor and influence citizen behavior. Why else would they need to mark someone’s free speech as something biased? It’s to control how we speak, what we say, and what we do. Not a fan of this bill, obviously.

2. Feds Serve As ‘Middleman’ In Multi-Billion Dollar Migrant Child Trafficking Operation:

The Daily Wire – Former Health and Human Services (HHS) official-turned-whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas on Wednesday accused the U.S. government in a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing of becoming a “middleman” in a multi-billion dollar migrant trafficking operation at the southern border.

Since President Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president over two years ago, more than 3.5 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border. Since January 2021, border patrol agents have encountered over 356,000 unaccompanied minors at the southern border, most of whom authorities released into the U.S.

Committee members referenced a recent New York Times report alleging that HHS could not reach more than 85,000 children after they began living with their sponsors. The report further detailed allegations about unaccompanied children unlawfully working in dangerous conditions.

Rodas, who worked with an inspector general’s office with the government agency, first blew the whistle two years ago, where she alleged witnessing firsthand “the horrors of child trafficking and exploitation.”

Denny’s InsightBiden has mishandled and destroyed a lot of things since the start of his presidency, but his handling of the border has to be the worst. I wouldn’t be surprised if those numbers are higher; how can an agency be so incompetent to allow thousands and thousands of minors to be admitted into the country with no official record of them? And with Title 42 ending around the corner, it’s going to get worse…

3. Eric Swalwell Melts Down After GOP Rep Mentions Alleged Relationship With ‘Yum Yum’:

The Daily Caller – Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell did not react kindly to Republican Texas Rep. Troy Nehls’ comments at a Wednesday Congressional hearing about Swalwell’s alleged relationship with a Chinese spy.

Swalwell and Nehls participated in a hearing about the exploitation of unaccompanied migrant children held by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement.

“Ms. Rodriguez, I apologize that you had to — you’re here for a hearing on the border, they don’t want to talk about a border. Mr. Swalwell is down there, obviously everybody knows he’s made some comments, he’s got a checkered past,” Nehls said as Swalwell interrupted him.

“I’m sorry — I have a checkered past?” Swalwell blurted out.

“It’s my time,” Nehls replied. “Alleged affairs, relationships with Yum Yum,” he continued.

Swalwell interrupted Nehls again, insisting “you don’t get to say that shit. That’s not true,” Swalwell said.

“He had an alleged relationship with Yum Yum, now he’s angry,” Nehls continued, as commotion ensued.

Denny’s InsightI hope every person — whether it be a lawmaker, politician, anyone — brings up Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese spy everyday for the rest of his tenure as representative. Swalwell is a traitor to the country and should be ashamed; I mean truthfully he should have resigned or been removed from his duties to participate in the US government. I’m hoping more like MTG and Nehls here continue to ridicule Swalwell; let him never forget.

4. Ron DeSantis to launch presidential campaign in mid-May:

Washington Examiner – Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is set to launch his 2024 presidential campaign in mid-May, according to a report. Four GOP operatives familiar with the matter told NBC News that the Florida governor will launch his long-awaited campaign next month. One clarified that mid-May would be the launch of an exploratory campaign, followed closely by an announcement. May 11 would be the earliest date for the launch.

Advocates for the May 11 launch date argue that the early launch date is needed to counter the narrative that his primary Republican rival, former President Donald Trump, holds an overwhelming majority of support. Others counter that it’s too early and he should instead keep shoring up support.

Dennis Lennox, a Michigan-based Republican strategist who is hoping to support DeSantis in 2024, told the outlet that he falls in the sooner-rather-than-later camp, fearing that waiting too long would forfeit any momentum.

Denny’s InsightHe needs to announce already. The whole ‘will he won’t he’ debate will fizz out if he doesn’t start making real presidential campaign moves; continuing to use his book tour as his means of unofficial campaigning won’t cut it. I understand the waiting game, but sometimes it doesn’t work in your favor when you wait too long.

5. AI set to transform construction industry:

Fox Business – Artificial intelligence has entered the construction industry, and early adopters say the efficiencies and cost-cutting measures will revolutionize the $10 trillion sector of the global economy for the better.

Supply chain and building material software company DigiBuild has been using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to bolster its program for months, and is set to unveil the results at an event in Miami on Wednesday evening.

But ahead of the announcement, DigiBuild CEO Robert Salvador gave FOX Business an exclusive sneak peek of how the powerful AI tool has improved efficiency and slashed costs for the firm’s clients, and he says the technology will be “market changing.”

The construction industry is still dogged by the high material costs and supply chain woes brought on by the pandemic, and DigiBuild’s software aims to help developers and contractors save money and improve their schedules. The help of AI has provided a remarkable boost to that end.

To the company’s knowledge, DigiBuild is the first to introduce ChatGPT into the construction supply chain, and the firm has some inside help. The building software firm is backed by major investors, including Y Combinator – which trained OpenAI CEO Sam Altman – and has an exclusive Slack channel with OpenAI that allows experts to build together.

Denny’s InsightWe said it on the podcast weeks ago; watch out for Sam Altman. Not surprised ChatGPT continues to move into new areas of work, but our reliance on the technology, even in the construction industry, will be our downfall. You were warned.

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