DML News Morning Briefing, April 26th

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By Dean Daniels

Today is April 26. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1. Ex-Tucker Producer Grossberg: Carlson Would Tell Lawmakers Come on the Show or ‘We Will Destroy You’:

Breitbart – “Former Fox News producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Abby Grossberg said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson would tell lawmakers if “you don’t come on the show, we will destroy you.”

Grossberg is suing Fox News for discrimination. Grossberg said, “When I got to Tucker, it was different. As the texts came out revealed my suspicions, he was looking for ratings bait purely and was looking for power. It was a combination of ratings and power and manipulating the audience and manipulating the political system.”

She continued, “There was an aspect of I can pick who the House Speaker is. I can pick who the president of the United States is or who the Republican candidate is going to be. And I thought that was really dangerous and didn’t want that kind of power. I didn’t want to have Senate candidates calling me and being very upset. Are you going to destroy our whole campaign tonight? Because he could do that. And he would call and tell them that, that if you don’t participate or you don’t come on the show, we will destroy you. And I was told to tell that to congressmen sometimes. And I didn’t. How can I? That was disrespectful. So, in addition to the misogyny and the sexism and the antisemitism, there was also just this sort of moral growth with me where I reached a breaking point because of all of those things, and I literally did not want to do it anymore. It felt disgusting. I stopped watching news when I came home. I didn’t watch anything. I just didn’t want to because I was so depressed and disillusioned by the entire media system because of Tucker Carlson.””

Denny’s InsightLike Kat said yesterday, it’s mostly just gossip from Grossman at this point. I don’t see someone like Tucker perpetuating a ‘let’s get them all’ attitude toward lawmakers who refused to be on the show. And truthfully, those who declined were probably refusing to appear because Tucker avoids asking softball questions, he gets right to the point… and these lawmakers are afraid to be put on the spot. Grossman is probably exaggerating the common day work tactics in news media. If this triggers her, she should avoid CNN…

2. Arizona state lawmaker caught red-handed on camera hiding Bibles in members-only lounge:

Fox News – “An Arizona state lawmaker was captured on video snatching a Bible off a table in the House’s members-only lounge before stashing it outside of camera view.

The Arizona House of Representatives was alerted about the mysterious disappearance of a pair of Holy Bibles on March 23, which are normally left on display in the House’s members-only lounge, according to a statehouse source. Guests are also allowed in the lounge, but they are required to be escorted while inside.

After being alerted to the Bible disappearances, gumshoes with the House security team started searching the lounge for the Bibles and found they had been placed underneath cushions of two chairs. Nearly a week later, another Bible went missing from the lounge and was later discovered to have been moved and placed inside a refrigerator in a nearby kitchen.

As a result of the disappearing Bibles, the security team placed a temporary camera inside the lounge…”

Denny’s InsightIf you were left wondering, yes, Stahl-Hamilton is a Democrat. Still no explanation as to what she was trying to accomplish, but if we’re left to assume, it’s likely she has grievances with Christian beliefs and finds it necessary to disrespect a very common religion by partaking in thievery and censorship. Religious intolerance is a major leftist concept whether leftists want to recognize it or not. This is just one of many examples. I hope some form of disciplinary action comes out of this, but I won’t hold my breath.

3. Texas state troopers deployed by Abbott stopped 8,721 human smugglers:

Washington Examiner – Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) decision to surge state troopers to the state’s border with Mexico two years ago has resulted in thousands of human smuggling attempts thwarted and a revelation of how many people have slipped past Border Patrol, according to a Washington Examiner investigation.

Texas Highway Patrol officers, known as troopers, made 8,721 traffic stops that involved a vehicle suspected of transporting illegal immigrants from the border deeper into the United States between Jan. 1, 2021, and Dec. 31, 2022, according to data produced through a 2022 public information request of Texas Department of Public Safety records.

During the traffic stops, the state troopers discovered an additional 39,100 illegal immigrants smugglers had attempted to transport from stash houses and fields near the border to cities including Houston and San Antonio. Of that number, roughly 900 were unaccompanied children.

Denny’s InsightWith Title 42 coming to an end, we may be in serious trouble with continued surges of smuggling and border crossings. Report after report indicates Border Patrol may not be equipped to handle it; that means thousands upon thousands of illegal entries, without the means to track and record them, or where they head to. It’s going to be a ticking time bomb until May 11.

4. Don Lemon’s heated exchange with Vivek Ramaswamy that reportedly got him fired from CNN:

CNN’s decision to fire anchor Don Lemon on Monday was reportedly due to a contentious debate he engaged in with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy last week.

The heated exchange during last Wednesday’s episode of “CNN This Morning” may have been the tipping point that ended Lemon’s 17-year tenure at the network, according to the New York Times. Two sources told the paper that the interview “left several CNN leaders exasperated.”

Footage shows that the discussion turned fiery after Ramaswamy defended a recent speech he made at a National Rifle Association event in which he accused the Democratic Party of wanting to put Black people “back in chains.”

Denny’s InsightAs soul-crushing as Tucker Carlson’s exit from cable television was this week, it totally humors me that Don Lemon’s own firing was shadowed over because it coincided with a beloved media star (Tucker) in comparison to his own meager, whiny persona. The humiliation Lemon must feel knowing no one gives two cents that he’s been booted after 17 years at the network. No one is running to social media to say they’re going to follow what Lemon does next like they did for Tucker. Lemon will likely land somewhere, but you can bet it’ll be even more worthless and irrelevant than CNN.

5. Musk On Allowing Trans Treatments On Minors: ‘Parents Or Doctors Who Do This Should Go To Prison For Life’:

The Daily Wire – Twitter CEO Elon Musk doubled down Tuesday on remarks that he made earlier this month about imprisoning those who allow transgender treatments on minors.

Musk made the remarks this week in response to a tweet regarding a 2016 story about an 18-year-old male who allegedly died when doctors tried to create a vagina for him using part of his colon.

“An 18-year-old boy died when doctors tried to create a vagina for him using part of his colon,” the tweet said. “His colon was used because puberty blockers stopped growth of his genitals, which meant there wasn’t enough tissue to do the penile inversion surgery.”

Musk responded, “This is super messed up. Mature, consenting adults should do as they wish, so long as they do not harm anyone else, but this child was too young for any kind of consent.”

“Every child goes through an identity crisis, but leaping to a permanent solution that sterilizes them for life before they could possibly consent for themselves is wrong,” he said. “Plain and simple.”

“Comprehensive study in Sweden shows *increased* suicide!” Musk continued. “Death for sex-reassigned persons was higher than for controls of same birth sex, particularly death from suicide. They also had increased risk for suicide attempts and psychiatric inpatient care… I repeat my statement that any parents or doctors who do this should go to prison for life.”

Denny’s InsightElon Musk continues to demonstrate what a common sense billionaire is like when they don’t fall for the ESG-herd mentality, unlike Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, or Bill Gates, and many, MANY more. Mutilation of children’s body parts and corruption of children’s self-identities continues to accelerate across the country, a social contagion that is endorsed by almost all big tech heads and 21st century entrepreneurs. It’s refreshing to see Musk refuse to conform to the twisted ideas of gender ideology. Also, the Starship launch last week was incredible!

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