DML Morning Briefing Wed. Aug 17

Cheney’s defiant next move, Judge gives Cuomo a pass, and more headlines…

By  Anneta Griffee

Today is August 17. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – After landslide primary defeat, Liz Cheney announces new anti-Trump group, says she’s ‘thinking about’ WH bid
Fox News reports: Immediately following her loss to Harriet Hageman in Wyoming’s Republican primary, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., unveiled her next move, launching a new organization with the primary goal of keeping former President Donald Trump from regaining the presidency.

The group, called The Great Task, gets its name from a phrase in the Gettysburg Address, and Cheney invoked President Abraham Lincoln in calling for the Republican Party to go back to its roots.

“We’ve to get this party back to the principles and values on which it was founded,” Cheney said in an interview with NBC’s “Today Show” Wednesday morning, claiming that it has lost its way in focusing too much on Trump and his “cult of personality.”

Cheney noted that in the past she has garnered more than 70% of the votes in her district’s primary, and that “the path to that same victory would have been very easy,” but she felt it was more important to focus on her opposition to Trump. Those efforts, which include her work on the Democrat-led House January 6 Committee, led to Trump backing Hageman in the primary race. With 99% of votes counted early Wednesday morning, Hageman led Cheney by more than 37 points.


MY TAKE: Cheney must like being defeated. If she thinks she’s going to run against Trump, she’s in for another landslide defeat!

2 – New York judge rules Andrew Cuomo doesn’t have to pay back $5 million in book profits
The New York Times reports: ALBANY, N.Y. — Former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo will not have to turn over the proceeds of his $5.1 million book deal, after a judge ruled on Tuesday that a state ethics board had violated Mr. Cuomo’s due process in seeking the money.

The now-defunct Joint Commission on Public Ethics, known as JCOPE, had initially approved Mr. Cuomo’s book deal in 2020, but revoked it a few months after he left office, saying he had obtained the green light under false pretenses, improperly using state resources in writing the memoir, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic.”

Aides to Mr. Cuomo said he followed his lawyers’ advice in allowing his aides to help him on the book, as long as they did it on their own time. A State Assembly inquiry, however, found that though some staffers appear to have taken vacation or personal time to work on the book project, time was also devoted to it “during the course of normal work routines.”

MY TAKE: Corruption rules. Disgusting!

3 – Democrat adviser: GOP is ‘basically a domestic terrorist cell operating in America’
Fox News reports: DNC and DCCC adviser Kurt Bardella likened Republicans to “a domestic terrorist cell” while appearing on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” on Tuesday.

After fill-in host Tiffany Cross once again insisted that there should be no distinction between Republicans and right-wing extremists, she admonished the GOP for allegedly inspiring attacks against the FBI following the Mar-a-Lago raid against Donald Trump.

She further claimed that Republicans are hypocrites for claiming to be pro-life and pro-law enforcement while criticizing the FBI and supporting “forced birth.”

Bardella of Republicans, “Time and again, we see them say one thing and do another. They are not concerned with life. They are just concerned with trying to score cheap political points. They are concerned with trying to ‘own the libs.’ And they don’t really care what wreckage is left in their wake. They are a destructive force in American politics. They are basically a domestic terrorist cell operating in America. Their goal is to end democracy.”

MY TAKE: Just can’t make this stuff up!

4 – Effort to recall Los Angeles DA Gascon not over, grassroots group says
The Washington Examiner reports: The campaign to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon will regroup and begin to sort through 46,807 invalid voter signatures that doomed an effort to oust the beleaguered prosecutor in a future election.

The registrar-recorder’s office announced Monday that the campaign failed to deliver 566,857 valid signatures to qualify for an election. This is the second time in two years that a grassroots coalition has sought to remove Gascon from office over claims that he caters to criminals instead of victims.

But the volunteers are not ready to give up yet and are suspicious of the county’s tally given Gascon’s support among local elected officials. The bipartisan recall was backed by the prosecutors union, which included 98% of the attorneys in the office, law enforcement, victims, and 37 cities, including Beverly Hills.

MY TAKE: Yep, something definitely smells fishy here!

5 – NYC releases updated COVID guidance ahead of school year — here’s what’s changing
The New York Post reports: New York City schools will no longer require that parents fill out daily health screeners for their kids, according to new COVID-19 guidance released Tuesday. The updated guidance for the upcoming school year also eases some protocols — like getting rid of random in-school testing — but keeps in place other vaccine-related requirements.

Kids who don’t have the jab will continue to be sidelined during some extracurricular activities, including high school sports, and school visitors — including parents — will still need to show proof of one vaccine dose to enter the building.

“Many high risk extracurricular activities are performed indoors, are strenuous, and entail closer contact than classroom activities,” said Michael Lanza, a spokesperson for the city health department. “The guidance is intended to keep kids safe both in class and within these after-school activities,” he said.

Roughly 43% of kids under 17 are fully vaccinated, according to city data. Less than half of elementary school-aged kids have received both doses.

Some of the activities impacted by the requirement include sports, chorus and band, musical theater, and dance, cheerleading and step club.

MY TAKE: What they’re still doing to these children is criminal.  No WAY would I send my kids to NYC schools.