3. School board shuts down parent for reading sexually explicit passage from a book available to students
A parent read from the books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ at a board meeting and was shut down by a board member who says “that’s obscene.”

These books are obscene for adults yet they continue to be available for children in Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY. 

WARNING:  In the video below, the mother reads from the book.  The passage is very descriptive and profanity is used to describe male body parts and oral sex.

DML: I repeat what I wrote above in story #2, our schools are a disaster.  The liberals run our school systems, they teach our kids garbage, and this is why the country is a mess.

4. Texans driving to Mexico for cheaper gas
NY POST -Gas prices are soaring so high in the US that drivers in El Paso, Texas, are taking the desperate step of crossing the border to fill up in Mexico, where prices are more than a dollar cheaper, according to reports.

“We’re close to El Paso and, yes, we’ve seen more traffic, more people with Texas license plates,” Jonathan Rivas, a manager at a Juárez, Mexico, gas station, told the El Paso Times.

Drivers in El Paso are paying an average of $4.19 a gallon north of the border, according to AAA. But just across the border in Juarez, Mexico, the price is just $3 a gallon, reports KTSM.

DML: It’s all Putin’s fault (kidding).  With prices of everything going insanely high because of Biden’s poor leadership and horrible policies, you’d think Kamala Harris would have a good answer for how long the inflation and gas crisis will last.  Even if she gave a number we didn’t like, we’d still get an answer.  Below is a video in which she is asked to comment on when Americans will get some relief.  If you can decipher the answer, please email me.   She is as clueless as clueless gets.

5.China Dismisses 2 Mayors and Shanghai Closes Schools as Case Numbers Rise
NY TIMES – BEIJING — Two mayors have been dismissed in northeastern China, and Shanghai has closed its school system and shifted to online instruction, as a coronavirus outbreak in mainland China gathers speed.

China’s National Health Commission announced on Saturday that another 1,524 locally transmitted coronavirus cases had been detected in provinces across mainland China. That was up from 1,100 cases reported a day earlier, and a couple hundred cases per day a week ago.

DML:  Maybe I should sell the Chinese some of my DML CBD to help boost the immune system.  Although, I would make them pay triple the normal listing price seeing they started the entire COVID nightmare. On a side note, I am so sick and tired of China and if I was the president I’d cut them off as quick as you could order sticky rice and chicken from your local Chinese food eatery.  Let’s get our acts together as a country and start making our own products.

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