DML Morning Briefing: Dec 24

DML Morning Briefing: December 24th

By  Dennis Michael Lynch

Today is December 24 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion.

1. Study: Omicron up to 70% less likely to cause hospitalization than delta variant
CNBC -LONDON — People are far less likely to be admitted to hospital with the omicron Covid variant than the previous delta strain, according to a U.K. government study published Thursday.

The U.K. Health Security Agency said individuals with omicron are estimated to be between 31% and 45% less likely to attend emergency departments compared to those with delta, and 50-70% less likely to require admission to hospital.

The analysis is “preliminary and highly uncertain” due to the small numbers of omicron cases currently in hospital, the inability to effectively measure all previous infections and the limited spread of the new variant to older age groups, the UKHSA said.

The findings are based on 132 people who were admitted to or transferred from emergency departments. Of those, 17 people had received their boosters, 74 people were double vaccinated and 27 were unvaccinated. Eight people had received a single shot, and the vaccination status was unknown for 6 people.

DML: You read that correctly, 74 people were DOUBLE vaxxed and only 27 unvaxxed.  And yet Trump had the audacity to declare this week that the vaccine was one of the greatest achievements of mankind.  He sounded as dumb as Biden with that statement.  The Crazy Left is out of control, and they are idiots to the core.  Look at the “winner” in the tweet below — she wears a mask to bed to protect her cat…

2. Omicron variant causes Christmas flight cancellations and holiday travel headaches
Fox News – Travelers are going to have a rough Christmas Eve at the airport due in part to the coronavirus omicron variant.

According to Flight Aware, United Airlines has canceled 168 flights scheduled for Friday, about 8% of its planned schedule, and about 28 that were slated for Saturday.

FOX Business has identified 21 instances where United Airlines cancellations on Christmas Eve are directly attributed to the coronavirus, stating that staffing issues have caused the cancellation.

For a flight from Denver to Newark scheduled for Friday, for example, the following message is shown on the United Airlines website: “Your flight is canceled due to an increase in Covid cases limiting crew availability. We’re sorry for disrupting your holiday plans and for the inconvenience.”

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed to FOX Business that the nationwide spike in coronavirus omicron variant cases has disrupted some of their flights.

DML: You can blame little Napoleon for these shutdowns.

3. Biden White House staffers in depression mode
POLITICO – About two months ago during a fire drill, the White House emptied and aides congregated outside.

It was their first ever all-staff meeting, an official quipped at the time.

In the first year of the Biden White House, comradery has been fleeting and many teams are suffering from low morale, according to several White House officials.

The result: many White House aides are feeling gloomy this holiday season, so much so that they anonymously fumed to West Wing Playbook in the hope it may alert senior leaders to the problem.

Many are also currently eyeing the exits, creating the potential for higher-than-usual turnover at the beginning of the year, when aides feel they’ve been in the job long enough that it won’t look odd to depart.

DML: How can you blame them.  Biden is so far gone and he’s causing Americans to lose incredible amounts of money.  Even CNN sees it as true…

4. Joyless ACLU CANCELS Elf on a Shelf
DailyMail – His presence means Christmas is just around the corner as he takes messages back to Santa at the North Pole, but the American Civil Liberties Union is concerned about the Elf on a Shelf’s purported nefarious activity, particularly when it comes to surveillance.

The toy, which is based on a 2005 children’s book, is supposed to be a fun and novel idea that families incorporate into their Christmas traditions.

Parents tell their children how the elf magically comes to life each night between Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to report back to Santa about the child’s behavior. It then returns to the home to a different spot than the night before – but the child must not touch it, or it will lose its magic.

But the ACLU together with a number of other privacy and civil rights organizations believe the elf to be invasive, creepy and even dangerous, and they’re telling parents the toy should perhaps ‘be left on store shelves.’

‘I don’t want to sound like a Grinch, but we shouldn’t be celebrating seasonal surveillance,’ Albert Fox Cahn from the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, a civil rights and privacy group, told The New York Times.

‘It’s really a terrible message for kids.’

DML: There’s no other way to say it… Liberals are assholes. Sorry for the profanity, but the Left wants to kill everything sacred, fun, and normal.

5. The Crazy Left
Below is a collection of crazy things found on Twitter that describe and highlight how insane the left has become.

DML: Merry Christmas! Actually, if you love how we expose The Crazy Left, you’ll be happy to know starting January 3, Alec Lace will be hosting a new podcast on and the DML NEWS APP called, THE CRAZY LEFT. Set to air Monday and Wednesday each week, Lace will spend 40-minutes blasting into the Democrats and crazy liberals who make the world an insane asylum.

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