DML Morning Briefing Aug 6

By  Dennis Michael Lynch

Today is August 6. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1.Indiana becomes 1st state to approve abortion ban post Roe
(AP) — Indiana on Friday became the first state in the nation to approve abortion restrictions since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, as the Republican governor quickly signed a near-total ban on the procedure shortly after lawmakers approved it.

The ban, which takes effect Sept. 15, includes some exceptions. Abortions would be permitted in cases of rape and incest, before 10-weeks post-fertilization; to protect the life and physical health of the mother; and if a fetus is diagnosed with a lethal anomaly. Victims of rape and incest would not be required to sign a notarized affidavit attesting to an attack, as had once been proposed.

Under the bill, abortions can be performed only in hospitals or outpatient centers owned by hospitals, meaning all abortion clinics would lose their licenses. A doctor who performs an illegal abortion or fails to file required reports must also lose their medical license — wording that tightens current Indiana law that says a doctor “may” lose their license.

DML: Every state should follow.

2.Taiwan says Chinese planes, ships carry out attack simulation exercise
(Reuters) – Taiwan officials said Chinese aircraft and warships rehearsed an attack on the island on Saturday, part of Beijing’s retaliation for a visit there by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that has also seen it halt talks with the United States on issues including defense and climate change.

Pelosi’s brief visit this week to the self-ruled island that China regards as its territory infuriated Beijing and prompted unprecedented military drills that have included ballistic missiles fired over the capital, Taipei.

DML: If China had any balls, it would blow the island up a long time ago.  I’m not condoning that sort of thing, just pointing out how the bark seems larger that the bite.  Meanwhile, how irresponsible for Nancy to start the fire.  But this is what you do when you’re on your way out of relevancy.

3.Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor is arrested
DailyMail -Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor has been arrested following a hit-and-run in Palm Beach.

Taylor, 57, was driving her white Mercedes through the ritzy Florida town on July 28 and allegedly hit a black Ford, which was stopped in traffic ahead of her.

Palm Beach police said that the 24-year-old man driving the Ford was injured in the crash, and left with pain to the neck, back and jaw.

Taylor’s Mercedes was seen ‘fleeing the scene of the accident without rendering aid or stopping to provide information,’ the police said.

DML: This…is….CNN

4.Illinois daycare worker tests positive for monkeypox, children and other staff potentially exposed
Fox News -Employees and children at an Illinois daycare center are being screened for monkeypox after an employee tested positive for the disease, health officials said.

The positive case at a daycare in Rantoul, Illinois, was the third case in Champaign County, prompting health care personnel to screen individuals at the facility who may have been exposed.

“An adult at a daycare center in the Rantoul area has tested positive for a case of monkeypox,” Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Director Dr. Sameer Vohra said Friday. “Screenings of children and other staff are taking place now, and no additional cases have been found at this time.”

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5.Uber boosted Biden still tests positive
USA TODAY – President Joe Biden continued to test positive for COVID-19 Friday, the day he could have ended isolation from a rebound infection, according to guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden, 79, tested positive for the first time July 21 and received a five-day treatment of Paxlovid, given to those at higher risk for severe illness. He tested negative on July 26 and 27, prompting him to end isolation. But three days later, on July 30, the president again tested positive and returned to isolation. Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said his symptoms hadn’t reappeared.

DML: Joe should consider going to and take advantage of our deal on Miracle Me Gummy Chews.  Clearly his boosters aren’t doing the trick.