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DML Morning Briefing Wed. Nov. 24

By  Team DML

Today is November 24 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. .

1 – Waukesha parade horror made possible by left-wing district attorneys’ attempts at bail reform, critics say
Fox News reports: Attempts at criminal bail reform that put violent offenders like Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. out on the street at low or no cost is endangering communities around the country, according to experts on criminal justice and law enforcement.

Police in cities including Milwaukee, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are facing understaffing and low morale — in part due to such policies, according to Betsy Brantner Smith, a retired police sergeant and spokesperson for the National Police Association.

“These extremely liberal prosecutors who want to talk about restorative justice, and what that means is is that we are putting the public in danger by trying to give these people too many opportunities to re-offend,” she said. “It’s incredibly frustrating for law enforcement, and it’s just absolutely dangerous for our communities.”

She pointed to Milwaukee prosecutors’ decision earlier this month to request just $1,000 bail for Brooks, who had a violent criminal history stretching back to 1999 and an active warrant for jumping bail on a sex crime charge in Nevada.

“When we arrest somebody, especially for a violent crime, and they’re out almost immediately and then they re-offend — that wears on the absolute soul of police officers,” Brantner Smith said.

DML: Don’t forget, George Soros has poured MEGA BUCKS into getting these radical DAs elected across the country. And AOC has the NERVE to complain about “excessive bail,” just one day after the Waukesha massacre?!

2 – Biden’s Education Department Wants to Roll Back Trump Effort to Track Teacher Sex Crimes
The Free Beacon reports: The Department of Education wants to roll back a Trump-era effort to collect data on teacher-on-student sex crimes.

The department’s Office for Civil Rights will not ask school districts questions regarding teacher-on-student sexual assault allegations as part of its 2021-2022 Civil Rights Data Collection, proposed Thursday. The change is designed to “reduce burden and duplication of data,” an Education Department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon. But critics say eliminating the question is the Biden administration’s attempt to appease teachers’ unions.

“This is the ultimate act of bowing to the teachers’ unions,” Kimberly Richey, who served as acting assistant secretary in the Office for Civil Rights in the Trump administration, told the Free Beacon. “Through this proposal, the Biden administration is actively helping schools cover up these incidents, which we were intentionally shining a light on.”

The Education Department will still ask districts to report documented cases of rape and sexual assault. But it will not ask school officials to report allegations that resulted in the resignation or retirement of the accused. Former secretary of education Betsy DeVos added those optional questions to the 2020-2021 data collection, which was delayed one year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The department also won’t ask districts to report pending cases or cases in which a school staffer was reassigned to another district school prior to the conclusion of an investigation.

DML: So, they can target and track parents speaking out at school board meetings, but they can’t target and track teacher sex crimes? OUTRAGE!

3 – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC all ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s business deal with Chinese company
Fox News reports: It wasn’t long ago that a New York Times bombshell about business ties between the president’s son and a foreign entity would have received wall-to-wall coverage, but that was not the case with the paper’s newest report about Hunter Biden.

According to the Times, an investment firm that counts Biden among its founders helped a Chinese company purchase one of the world’s most lucrative cobalt mines from an American company while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president. This is renewing concerns about potential conflicts of interest and whether the now-current president had any knowledge about his son’s business dealings, which he had previously denied.

However, the stunning report published by the Times received zero coverage on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, according to transcripts.

The lack of scrutiny towards President Biden’s son is nothing new. During the final weeks of the 2020 presidential election, the liberal networks famously avoided covering Hunter Biden’s damning laptop that further shed light on his foreign business dealings.

DML: Kudos (shocker!) to the New York Times for actually publishing this expose on Hunter Biden. The DML News App picked it up too. But anyone watching liberal television sure won’t see it.

4 – Fairfax Public Schools reinstates pornographic books to high school library
The Washington Examiner reports: Fairfax County Public Schools announced Tuesday it would reinstate two books containing pornographic images and language to the district’s high school libraries.

The two books, Genderqueer by Maia Kobabe and Lawnboy by Jonathan Evison, had been removed from circulation pending an internal review, which ultimately determined that the books would stay in public high schools.

“The decision reaffirms FCPS’ ongoing commitment to provide diverse reading materials that reflect our student population, allowing every child an opportunity to see themselves reflected in literary characters,” FCPS said in a press release. “Both reviews concluded that the books were valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters that reflect their personal journeys.”

The two books touched off a national controversy when Fairfax mother Stacy Langton read from the books during the county school board’s September meeting but was cut off before her allotted time to speak to the board had expired. The board cited the explicit nature of Langton’s comments for shutting her down.

DML: This is DISGUSTING! Looks like Fairfax County voters need to replace more school board members ASAP!

5 – Hundreds Of Employees Sign Letter Opposing Big Tech Company’s Vaccine Mandate
The Daily Caller reports: A group of roughly 600 Google employees signed onto a letter opposing the tech giant’s company-wide vaccination mandate and called for its repeal.

Google first imposed a requirement in July that all of its in-person workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. The company is now asking all of its workers, including those working from home, to upload their vaccination status to the company website by Dec. 3 due to the federal contractor vaccine requirement, according to CNBC.

The authors of the letter, reported on by CNBC, argue that the mandate is too intrusive and imposes unfair burdens on those who have not taken the vaccine.

“Barring unvaccinated Googlers from the office publicly and possibly embarrassingly exposes a private choice as it would be difficult for the Googler not to reveal why they cannot return,” the authors wrote.

The authors also argued the mandate would violate individuals’ medical privacy, and be used as justification for further intrusive medical impositions.

DML: Let the lawsuits begin!

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