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DML Morning Briefing Fri. Nov. 12: Biden set to break vow, liberals have meltdown over judge, and more…

Today is November 12 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning.

1 – President set to break another vow he made to Americans — this time with a trillion dollar price tag
Fox Business reports: Provisions included in a draft version of President Biden’s social spending bill would violate his pledge that tax hikes will only affect Americans earning $400,000 or more, according to an analysis released Thursday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

Taking into account all major tax provisions, roughly 20 percent to 30 percent of middle-income households would pay more in taxes in 2022,” according to the Tax Policy Center.

Even a small hike would contradict Biden’s oft-repeated claim that tax hikes implemented to cover the cost of his $1.75 trillion spending bill would only apply to the wealthiest Americans. Republicans and other critics of Biden’s signature legislation have long argued the middle class will see a tax hike if it is implemented.

“Best of all, the cost of these bills, in terms of adding to the deficit, is zero. Zero. Zero. And I made a commitment when I wrote these when I was running: No one making under $400,000 a year will see a penny in their taxes go up,” Biden said while touting the social spending bill and a separate bipartisan infrastructure bill during an Oct. 5 speech in Michigan.

DML: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

2 – Manchin throws cold water on union-built electric vehicle credit in Democratic bill
The Washington Examiner reports: Key vote Sen. Joe Manchin came out against a proposal within President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to fund an additional $4,500 tax credit for those who buy a union-built, made-in-America electric vehicle.

The West Virginia Democrat, who has been almost single-handedly responsible for cutting down the package’s overall target price to $1.85 trillion, called the measure “wrong” Thursday and indicated he’s working to get it removed.

“When I heard about this, what they were putting in the bill, I went right to the sponsor [Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan] and I said, ‘This is wrong. This can’t happen. It’s not who we are as a country. It’s not how we built this country, and the product should speak for itself,’” Manchin told Automotive News during an event at a Toyota components plant in West Virginia.

“We shouldn’t use everyone’s tax dollars to pick winners and losers,” Manchin added. “If you’re a capitalist economy … then you let the product speak for itself, and hopefully, we’ll get that — that’ll be corrected.”

DML: At least one Democrat has some sense!

3 – Rittenhouse trial judge requests applause for veterans; critics HOWL!
Fox News reports: Wisconsin Judge Bruce Schroeder took some criticism Thursday after requesting during the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial in Kenosha that attendees applaud for the nation’s service members on Veterans Day.

During a moment in the day’s proceedings, Schroeder asked if any veterans were present in the courtroom. Only John Black, a use-of-force expert who was later called to the witness stand by the defense, claimed to have served in the military, identifying himself as an Army veteran, The Associated Press reported.

“I think we give a round of applause to the people who’ve served our country,” Schroeder then said, drawing a few moments of clapping from those in attendance, including the jurors.

But some critics argued that the judge’s Veterans Day gesture was inappropriate during the trial.

DML: We’ve reached a SICK place in society if we can no longer even recognize our veterans on Veterans Day.

4 – ‘Racist Judge With His Trump Rally Cellphone’: Left-Wing Journalist Has A Meltdown Over Judge In Rittenhouse Case
The Daily Caller reports: The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal accused on Thursday Judge Bruce Schroeder of having “pre-judged the trial in favor of Rittenhouse,” calling him a “biased, racist judge.”

Mystal made an appearance Thursday on a left-wing website Democracy Now, during which he vented his frustration over a supposed bias of the judge presiding over the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

“Who we have is a judge, who, from my perspective, has pre-judged the trial in favor of Rittenhouse and has decided again even at the pre-trial stage to use every bit of his power to put his thumb on the scale towards Rittenhouse’s side,” the correspondent said. “That was obvious before the trial started.”

“He’s made a series of decisions. Each one perhaps may be individually defensible, but in totality lead to an impression of a biased, racist judge with his Trump rally cellphone that is trying to give Rittenhouse a walk.”

DML: And now “God Bless the USA” is “racist” and only a Trump rally song? Democrats are really TWISTED!

5 – Customs and Border Protection May Lose Thousands of Agents Due To Vaccine Mandate
The Washington Free Beacon reports: Nearly one in five staff members at Customs and Border Protection have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, putting thousands of the agency’s employees in line for termination as the Biden administration struggles to secure the border.

About 18 percent of the CBP workforce were not inoculated by Nov. 8, meaning about 12,000 employees risk losing their jobs if they do not receive a religious or medical exemption by Nov. 22, according to internal documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The Office of Personnel Management said federal agencies may impose disciplinary action, such as suspension or termination, against unvaccinated employees after Nov. 9.

The vaccination push comes as CBP faces strained resources in managing the immigration crisis on the southern border. As a record number of illegal immigrants attempt to cross into the United States, agents on the ground say they lack the manpower to patrol designated areas. Meanwhile, agents who process migrants with asylum claims are working in facilities frequently beyond maximum capacity.

The vaccination rate for Border Patrol agents is lower than for the agency as a whole. Seventy-four percent have been vaccinated, meaning more than 5,000 agents may lose their jobs before the year’s end—an outcome that would prove disastrous and require one of the largest federal hiring sprees in history.

“There are just a lot of agents who are refusing to get the vaccine,” said one Border Patrol agent who is deployed on the southern border and spoke with the Free Beacon on the condition of anonymity. “There’s a 50/50 chance they’re all just going to get fired or placed on leave without pay. The union is involved, but not sure there is much for them to stand on.”

DML: The Free Beacon got one thing wrong in this report – the Biden administration is NOT “struggling to secure the border.” They’re not even TRYING. Biden clearly doesn’t even WANT the border protected.

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