DML Morning Briefing Dec 30

DML Morning Briefing Dec 30: The lies that take down a nation

By  Dennis Michael Lynch

Today is December 30 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion.

1. Will Epstein’s girlfriend give up names to avoid life in jail?
DailyMail -Ghislaine Maxwell could now start naming names to get a shorter prison sentence after the British socialite was found guilty of sex trafficking schoolgirls for her and her pedophile boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein to abuse.

Maxwell is facing up to 65 years behind bars after jurors declared her a child sex predator, and was seen speaking to a producer for ABC News in the courtroom in New York on Tuesday, one day before her conviction yesterday.

The long prison sentence faced by Maxwell gives her ample motivation to ‘flip’ and discuss the actions of others within Epstein’s circle.

DML: Of course Maxwell will consider her options to escape life in prison.  She’s 60.  To save herself from permanent prison she will give up the names of other scumbags who played with young girls.  Don’t be shocked if the liberals in this case offer the sweetest deal for her to give up one of your favorite people, be it true or untrue. Remember lies can take down anyone these days because nobody cares to find the true facts if it means killing off your political enemies. The Daily Mail reports that Maxwell has already started the process of speaking with reporters, and her lawyer is set to appeal the decision. The biggest thing she should be concerned with right now isn’t the press or courts, but who wants to see her dead.  Like Epstein, don’t be shocked if she suddenly “kills herself” (cough, cough) or if she somehow disappears.

2.Biden admin’s plan to distribute 500M COVID tests starting next month not nearly enough, health experts say
Fox News – The Biden administration announced a plan last week to purchase 500 million at-home rapid tests for COVID-19 and distribute them for free, but health experts say the number is far below what is needed to address the omicron surge and should have been distributed weeks ago.

Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School Public Health, said the administration’s failure to roll out kits before the Christmas and New Year’s holidays was an “opportunity lost.”

DML: Don’t forget that Biden promised to rid of the virus, now he runs from it.  Biden often lies, or maybe he just forgets what he said time and again, but dishonesty from leadership positions can destroy everything. With that in mind, the truth is that almost everyone I know, exact for Mary and me, are sick or getting over being sick.  The combination of the flu and Omicron are the culprits.  Keep in mind I predicted this MONTHS ago, stating how immune systems were low for even the healthiest of people because of all the ridiculous restrictions and mask mandates. Tack on the false feeling of being immune — this stems from the FALSE narrative that the vaccine would actually work like a real vaccine should work.  People falsely felt they were shielded from getting sick.  The vaccine has left people feeling overconfident, and boy have they been hit with a shock.

3.JetBlue cuts hundreds of flights through mid-January, expecting more omicron sick calls
CNBC – JetBlue Airways is cutting more than 1,280 flights from its schedule from Thursday through mid-January in anticipation of more Covid-19 infections among pilots and flight attendants.

New York-based JetBlue and other carriers, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, have cancelled more than 4,000 flights since Christmas Eve, struggling with bad weather and a surge in sick calls from crews.

DML: Truth is it’s not just JetBlue. Let’s Go Brandon.

4.Iran says rocket sends three ‘research payloads’ into space
Reuters –  Iran has used a satellite launch rocket to send three research devices into space, a defence ministry spokesman said on Thursday, as indirect U.S.-Iran talks take place in Austria to try to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal.

He did not clarify whether the devices had reached orbit.

DML: This is what countries do when they see weak leadership in DC.  And sadly, every time Iran speaks it’s a lie.  But Democrats lie too, so they are more than OK with the ongoing dishonesty from the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism.

5.New COVID-19 cases in US soar to highest levels on record
CHICAGO (AP) — More than a year after the vaccine was rolled out, new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have soared to their highest level on record at over 265,000 per day on average, a surge driven largely by the highly contagious omicron variant.

New cases per day have more than doubled over the past two weeks, eclipsing the old mark of 250,000, set in mid-January, according to data kept by Johns Hopkins University.

The fast-spreading mutant version of the virus has cast a pall over Christmas and New Year’s, forcing communities to scale back or call off their festivities just weeks after it seemed as if Americans were about to enjoy an almost normal holiday season. Thousands of flights have been canceled amid staffing shortages blamed on the virus.

DML: “They” never want this to end. “They” are the liars.  “They” being the media, CDC, Biden, Fauci, NIH, big pharma, and far left radicals willing to do whatever it takes to win elections.  It’s all a big game. And I repeat the title of this post… “The lies that take down a nation.”  You want to see the game played in real time? Take a look at the Twitter headlines below.  But then be sure to read my Parting Words underneath.

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