DML Morning Briefing ~ Tue. Aug. 30

DML Morning Briefing.
By Dennis Michael Lynch

Today is August 30. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1.Musk sends fresh letter to scrap Twitter deal after whistleblower claims
(Reuters) – Elon Musk has sent an additional letter of deal termination to Twitter Inc after the world’s richest person subpoenaed a whistleblower seeking documents on how the social media company measures spam accounts.

Musk walked away from a $44-billion offer for Twitter in July saying the company misled him and regulators about the true number of spam or bot accounts on the microblogging platform.

According to a court filing on Monday, Musk has sought information from whistleblower and former head of Twitter’s security Peiter Zatko mostly about the way the microblogging site measures spam account.

A famed hacker known as “Mudge,” Zatko said in his complaint that became public last week that the company falsely claimed it had a solid security plan and prioritized user growth over reducing spam.

DML: It is my opinion that Twitter, Google, and FB are terrorist organizations in the sense they do more harm to the American people than good, and for that I hope their companies go bankrupt and are out of business at some point in my lifetime. The sooner the better.

2.UN to seek $160 million in emergency aid for Pakistan floods
AP – The United Nations and Pakistan are set to appeal Tuesday for $160 million in emergency funding for nearly a half million displaced victims of record-breaking floods that have killed more than 1,150 people since mid-June, officials said.

Pakistani authorities backed by the military, rescuers and volunteers have been battling the aftermath of the floods that have affected more than 33 million people, or one in seven Pakistanis.

Although rains stopped three days ago and flood waters in some areas were receding, large areas remain underwater. Rescuers were evacuating stranded people to safer ground, including makeshift tent camps have sprung up along highways, inundated villages and towns.

According to initial government estimates, the devastation caused $10 billion in damage to the economy. “It is a preliminary estimate likely to be far greater,” Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal told The Associated Press.

DML: Who gives a rat’s ass.  The UN send any money to Kentucky?  Let me rephrase the title of the AP story.  UN will ask the US for $160B.  I am tired of giving our tax dollars to other nations.  Pakistan is not some third world country, they should get nothing.  Keep in mind, Pakistan holds about 100–120 nuclear weapons.

3.US Marshals’ Most Wanted Man is FINALLY caught
DailyMail – A former Marine considered so dangerous he was set the highest-ever bounty by U.S. Marshals has been captured in El Salvador after six years on the run.

Raymond ‘RJ’ McLeod, 36, was found teaching English in the 71,000-inhabitant city of Sonsonate, 20 miles inland from the Pacific coast.

The Marshals in April 2021 added him to their list of 15 ‘Most Wanted’, and offered a reward of $50,000 for information leading to his arrest – double the usual amount.

He was sought for the June 2016 murder of his new girlfriend Krystal Mitchell, 30, in an apartment they were staying in while visiting his friends in San Diego.

DML: Eventually, the truth catches up on everyone.

4.Border Patrol chief says border crisis a result of Biden’s ‘no consequences’ policy for illegal migrants
Fox News – Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said under oath that President Biden’s border policies have “no consequences” for illegal migrants traveling into the U.S. and are to blame for the unprecedented surge at the border and release of hundreds of thousands into the interior of the country.

Fox News Digital first obtained a video of Ortiz’s assertions, which came during a recorded deposition from July 28 as part of discovery in a lawsuit by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody against the Department of Homeland Security and other border agencies.

Ortiz, who has more than 31 years of experience in law enforcement, told attorneys representing Florida that he believes migration will increase at an exponential rate at the southern border because there are no “consequences” in place to curb the tide of migrants flooding into the U.S.

DML: This is Biden’s America, and he needs to be impeached and removed from office.  Then he needs to be indicted and sent to prison like they want to do to Trump.

5.COVID cases triple in Chicago schools
Axios – Chicago Public Schools reported three times as many COVID-19 cases during the first week of this school year as it did a year earlier. The highly contagious BA. 5 variant is dominating local cases.

DML: Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with the millions of illegal aliens coming in through the border under Biden.  The super spreader at the border leaves every community at risk, so make no mistake it’s going to spread to your community as well.  Better boost that immune system.

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