Brighteon Broadcast News, May 18th.

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The feds ARE the insurrectionists trying to overthrow America
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
2:15 Authoritarian Tyranny
4:01 Fake Pulitzer
5:26 Sex Trafficking
7:06 Another False Flag
9:57 Fake Online IDs
11:39 Misgendering
23:40 Interview with John Strand
1:04:22 Medical Mutilators
1:33:34 Interview with Adam Riva
Watch the full episode below to learn more:
– Why the FEDS are running the terror campaigns in America.
– FBI contractor ran fake identities to infiltrate vaccine skeptics groups.
– Fake news giant WashPost won’t return Pulitzer awarded on fabricated news about Trump / Russia.
– Top banks linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking, but they won’t allow GUN purchase charges on credit cards.
– Transgenders demand you READ THEIR MINDS to determine what pronoun they pretend to be today.
– French author and feminist facing CRIMINAL charges for “misgendering”.
– Full interview with J6 prosecutorial victim John Strand.
– Full interview with “Human Pharming” documentary creator Adam Riva.
Brighteon Broadcast News: The feds are RUNNING the insurrection to overthrow America
(Natural News) The real insurrection against America is being run by a rogue, unelected federal government that considers We the People to be its enemies. The “Patriot Front” group that marches around with white masks and American flags is obviously (almost comically) just a bunch of FBI agents and recruits dressed up as patriots, thereby projecting the appearances of a militant patriot group so that the FBI can continue to justify its own pathetic (corrupt) existence.
Note that Patriot Front group members are never arrested or charged with carrying out an insurrection. They are never even unmasked.
But when true patriots tried to peacefully stand against a rigged election on January 6th, they were arrested and charged with a litany of felony crimes in one of the most outrageous abuses of prosecutorial discretion this nation has ever witnessed. That’s why I have interviewed J6 victim John Strand in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News (see below), and his story of being politically persecuted is an emergency wake up call for how far America has fallen from true freedom and justice.
Your government is RUNNING the domestic terrorism
It’s now clear that the energy infrastructure explosions, power grid attacks and food infrastructure sabotage are all carried out by government-run black ops groups. The domestic terrorism taking place across America right now is being inflicted upon the American people by the government itself, and they are doing it to maintain power while declaring endless emergencies to grant themselves even more dictatorial control over our lives.
The next step is going to be the engineered currency collapse, likely followed by a financial catastrophe involving banks, businesses, real estate, pensions and more.
This is their recipe for tyranny: Cause chaos and use it to shore up even more power in the hands of the corrupt, authoritarian tyrants. They are also increasingly targeting free speech with their contrived “disinformation” units that demand the blacklisting and deplatforming of content channels, websites or personalities that the state despises.
The total destruction of human civilization is their goal
We are living under runaway tyranny, carried out by utterly evil, nefarious individuals who barely qualify as human. And their appetite for power and destruction can never be satiated. They will destroy, mutilate, terrorize and devastate our entire society if they remain in power, and they currently control the media, the federal government, Big Tech, Big Pharma, universities, pop culture and the banks, too. If you don’t bow down to their sickening agendas — which now include celebrating the medical mutilations of young children — you will be cut off from banking, speech, careers and government-run licensure of any kind.
Their next big play? CBDCs. With full surveillance and control over your money, this will be the final nail in the coffin of human freedom.

The May 18th Broadcast [Duration 1:58:40]
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