Alex Jones Show & (4th Hour) ~ 9/12

AG of New York, has made good on her pledge to annihilate President Trump.
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• She’s leading the tyrannical charge in an authoritarian, scorched-earth policy against their political opposition!
• The vindicated Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who first exposed the dangers of vaccines and autism, joins today’s broadcast to discuss the total implosion of the official Covid narrative and will break down multiple major medical journals’ confirmations that the deadly vaccine causes severe health issues!
• Jones will cover the nightmare scenario that the King of England is a psychotic radical environmentalist who is hellbent on the forced-depopulation of the planet!
The September 12th Transmission [Duration 2:54:42]
Alex Jones (4th Hour), [Duration 45:51]
“Gerald Celente’s” Segment starts at the [0:04] marker.
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