Alex Jones Show With Alex ~ 4/06

America Utterly Sabotaged by Deep State as World Powers Flee Dollar.
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Alex Jones.

• Alex Jones is taking your calls and covering the stories about America’s plummeting status in the world globalists DO NOT want you to hear!
• The information war is now more vital than ever!
• Alex Jones lays out the hard truths of the publicly announced global takeover: Under the guise of national security and ecological stewardship, globalists have installed an infrastructure of TYRANNY that has been accepted by the masses!
• Carbon and food rations will be used to decide who lives and who dies!
• Watch & share this LIVE broadcast to learn how globalists are conquering the world and your MIND!
• The Great Awakening is NOW LIVE!
• You have arrived at the tip of the spear in the information war!
The April 6th Transmission [Duration 2:49:33]
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