6 Alternative self-defense weapons.

6 Alternative self-defense weapons to use in a gun-free zone.


In certain jurisdictions within the United States, it is very difficult for people to carry around firearms. Unfortunately, the need to protect yourself in these areas does not disappear. This is why it is important to consider alternative instruments of self-defense. This is especially true when you’re in a situation wherein you suddenly find yourself unarmed.

Here are six self-defense weapons that you can consider. (h/t to Survivopedia.com)

Walking cane

Nobody can legally prevent you from bringing a walking stick through secured areas if you need it for mobility. This means that you automatically have a legal self-defense option with you.

Consider learning stick-fighting martial arts such as kendo and eskrima. Learning stick-fighting means any stick-like object in your immediate surroundings can be used as a weapon.

Steel baton

Similar to a walking cane, keeping a baton with you provides you with a less-lethal alternative to firearms that you can bring with you in gun-free zones. A few well-placed hits to an attacker and they can be rendered unconscious, saving you and everyone else around you.

Learn how to fight with sticks and batons. Just like canes and other sticks, batons offer you a solid defense against shorter handheld weapons like knives.

Folding knife

Folding knives aren’t as durable as fixed-blade knives. However, they are lighter and more compact, making them easier to carry and conceal. You can easily keep a folding knife in your pocket, as opposed to walking canes which are very visible, or steel batons which you probably have you take out of your bag.

Before you buy a nice folding knife, don’t forget to double-check what your local laws say about carrying knives around. (Related: Self-defense basics: 4 Tips that will improve your situational awareness.)


Tasers are great electroshock weapons that you can use. They are less-lethal, safe and easy to learn how to use and very effective at immobilizing assailants, albeit only for a short time. However, the several seconds a taser gives you may be enough for you to either run away, call for help or follow up your attack with another one.

Plus, tasers, like folding knives, are small and comfortable to carry around with you. You can put them in a holster and attach them to your belt or safely tuck them away in your bag.

Pepper spray

A well-aimed shot of pepper spray can render a potential assailant unable to continue their onslaught because of extreme pain in their eyes, as well as trouble breathing and coughing. Furthermore, this one shot of pepper spray can affect multiple attackers. Several cone and fog pepper sprays are even designed to eliminate attackers from up to 20 feet away.

Pepper spray is relatively inexpensive and most likely legal to purchase and carry around with you anywhere in the United States (although you should still double-check your local laws just in case).

Tactical pen

While you may think that a tactical pen is only real in spy movies, there are actual tactical pens out there that you can use. They are relatively new survival weapons, but they are gaining popularity because they are very easy to hide in plain sight.

A tactical pen has multiple uses. A typical tactical pen has a sharp ballpoint that you can use to strike your attacker and a blunt end with which you can break glass and other barriers. It is also most likely made out of heavy steel or aluminum, making it viable as a blunt weapon. Many other tactical pens come with other features, such as lights, a handcuff key or lasers.

Don’t forget that, whatever firearm alternative you use, it needs to be a weapon that you are very comfortable with, whether it be a baton, a knife or a very sharp pen.

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